Tuesday, April 8, 2008

from a while ago

Eurotrip Storyboards

In this sequence, Jamie is running away from Robotman and he runs into a group of asian tourist while waiting in line to get into the Louve.


Characters and key scene



Captain Shakespeare

Lymia is about to kill the star while she is relaxing in the tub.

Paris Abandoned Hotel 1800s

Paris hotel interior next to the Moulin Rouge
Style of 101 Dalmatians

the color studies!

Velveteen Rabbit
Vis Dev
The rabbit gets thrown out and cries, his tears fall on the ground and a flower sprouts. a fairy comes out of the flower and says she is a nursery fairy and can turn the rabbit into a real bunny.

movie time!

Its a date!
My first movie, about a transvestite.